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Child Care Foundation-Uganda (CCF) is an Educational , non  profit making  Organization  committed to empowering  the underprivileged, abused and vulnerable children and youths in Uganda . Child Care Foundation is a fully registered , non-profit Organization, affiliated to Child Rights Information Network  (CRIN), The International Society for Mobile Youth Work ( ISMO), and Peace Child International.  CCF was formed in  November 2006 in light of the fact that over 10million children and adolescents in Uganda grow up in families struggling to survive on less than $1 a day. But no dollar measurement can convey the hardships of children who are malnourished, whose water is unsafe to drink, who miss school and grow up without ever visiting the inside of a health facility. 

Further explanations concerning our mission and vision will be found below. What we do matter to show you is our Timetable for making our ideas and desires come true.

Timetable For Development:

The following timetable indicates to our volunteers/interns how the implementation of our Education and Sports programs is expected to be respected in basis of schools' schedule and children's availability. Nevertheless, this standard timetable might be subject to changes due to variable schools plans.

Refer to the Project page to examine in depth our programs. 



























ED: Educational Schedule 


Why CCF? Why Uganda? 

By working in Kamuli and Seeta Villages, the Organisation aims at empowering  unemployed youths,Orphans  School drop outs, Abandoned children, children victimized by war,  and other vulnerable children from highly impoverished rural communities of Uganda.

Poverty,  Aids and the War in Northern Uganda between Government and the Rebels of the Lord Resistance Army headed by Joseph Kony, have not only claimed thousands of innocent lives of the children in Uganda , but have also caused lasting damage on young minds. Thousands of children and youths have been brutally murdered, defiled, amputated and abused severely during the 20 year old insurgency.  It was  due to this grim background that CCF was formed not only to help the poorest children survive in this predator world, but also to make greater efforts in meeting the challenges of protecting and harnessing their physical, emotional and intellectual potential.

Besides that, as more young people leave school, and increasing numbers migrate from rural to urban areas, it is becoming harder and harder for young people to find jobs to sustain themselves. At the same time, potential employers suffer from a lack of suitably trained candidates for their business. Unemployment continues to grow, while expectations that  the current educational system in Uganda would alleviate these short comings have not materialized. This is because the current Educational system has three major flaws: Lack of relevance ( training content and the demand for skills from the labor market do not match),   Poor funding( the cost of training  particularly in formal institutions, is high and Government is unwilling to cover it) and lack of equity( those  with the greatest need do not have access to and do not benefit from the training. For this reason Child Care Foundation was formed in Kamuli to equip the growing number of school drop outs and unemployed Youths  with  practical skills.

The  Organization currently assists about  160  rural vulnerable children and Youths  in dire financial need who are benefiting from full scholarship in pursuit of their cherished dreams and aspirations.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is guided by the United Nations' Convention on the rights of the child and strives to establish children's rights as enduring ethical principles and international standards of behavior towards children.

Our Mission relates:

           To provide opportunities for good quality education to economically disadvantaged children  and youths who have the potential and will to succeed.

           To help and motivate these children to achieve excellence academically and in all other aspects of their education.

           To mentor them and their families and provide support where the need arises.

           To encourage the creativity, leadership and positive self esteem necessary to help build a prosperous and healthy nation.


  Our vision is to mentor vulnerable rural children and youths  helping them to achieve their potential in all areas of development enabling them to ultimately  contribute to the present and future of Uganda.

What Makes Us Special?

Through a careful planning involving the very community, CCF targets what many other organisations deem unreachable: building up an unique structure that would mean much more than a simple school for those children hailing from highly impoverished rural communities. Indeed, our plan foresees a centre located in Kamuli (one of the most destitute villages in Mukono district) which will combine the finest educational programs achievable with sports courses aiming at developing at best children's talent.




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